New tricks to learn

New tricks to learn

I thought I’d learnt a lot about art, and painting in the years I’ve been doing it.. I didn’t think there was much I didn’t know about it. But I have recently, in the last couple of weeks, learnt that there is a new technique that I was unaware of. When I was shown it, […]

Forget it in December

Forget it in December

Its that time of year again when I have an important painting to finish but think that with the best will in the world, its not going to get done before Christmas. Its not a commission so there is no time restriction on it, but I don’t want to rush it and ruin it, but I […]

The more I look

The more I look

I’ve been working on the acrylic painting of the tasteful erotic couple most of this week inbetween doing other things of a more domestic nature as and when they arrived. So its not been non stop all of the week.  I know I have a specific way of working when I paint and that is to […]

All fired up

The Burton library exhibition isn’t abandoned totally.  Infact I think I’ll be able to put quite a few pictures in. It’s just that I won’t be able to do as much for it as I had hoped for, originally. But that’s ok. And I’ll also be able to hang some of the more acceptable erotic […]

Buzzing with blue fingers

I’ve come home with blue fingers, and that’s always a good sign of an enjoyable day. Well actually, they’re blue, red, yellow, purple and white fingers, and I’m hoping that it’ll wash off with some success…… I’ve been to an art workshop today, painting contemporary landscapes in acrylics with a palette knife, so very messy and […]

Tarse 2 and Queynte 20

Well this is a meeting of international proportions….. 🙂 First we have an English fanny – Queynte 20 – depicted in subtle muted tones but still painted in acrylics. Its a fanny I’ve already painted, but it has such interesting shapes I thought I’d see what it looked like if I just tried a basic […]

Queynte 17

After the success of Nitebyrds rainbow Queynte, I thought I’d go straight onto the next one but try something a little bit different this time with the colours. And keep them to as few tones as possible within the basic colour scheme. The original idea was to try it with three tones – cream, pale […]

Queynte 16

Here she is – the next one in the Fantasy Fanny group – introducing Queynte Number 16. It’s surprised me how colourful she is (and I painted it!!!!) – a veritable rainbow of colour in this one. But those were the colours I saw when I looked at the photo I was working from, and […]

The birth of siblings

Well, I’m happy. And Fitzy’s happy. So, that’s good then isn’t it!? The pictures are finished. The “Tarse” and “Fitzy Living flame”. And they look good together, I’m happy to say, so that last week of me brightening tiny areas of colour, increasing tone, and keep putting the two paintings side by side to see […]

Keep going

Well Fitzy’s Living Flame painting is coming on nicely. I’m really pleased with the figure, and think I’ve added some more excitement to the painting than was in the original working painting that I did a few weeks ago. All to the good! But I also have to consider the “flame” part of the painting, […]

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